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Advanced Botox® Training Course


The Azthetics advanced Botox® course is a fantastic introduction to the use of Botox for the mid and low face to give outstanding aesthetic results. This will enable to you to adapt your practice the meet the ever-increasing needs of your client population.

Many do not complete advanced training, and with the number of clinics offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments, completing this advanced botox training will not only put you ahead of the competition but will increase your employability.

Our course based in Bristol was created to teach you the latest techniques in today’s rapidly changing industry. After you have completed this advanced botox training, you can offer a variety of popular treatments to your patients. Delegates should be confident with the foundation methods and ready to develop their aesthetic skills.

Available Dates

June 23, 2024£1,095.00

4 Spaces

August 4, 2024£1,095.00

4 Spaces

August 25, 2024£1,095.00

4 Spaces

October 13, 2024£1,095.00

4 Spaces

November 24, 2024£1,095.00

2 Spaces

December 15, 2024£1,095.00

4 Spaces

Course Information

1 Day
Advanced Injectables
Small Group Size
CPD Points

An in-depth look at facial aesthetics allowing you to go home confident you can get great results for your clients. This is a very thorough two-day course, giving you not only the practical skills to give accurate injections but also the key skills required to conduct a professional consultation from start to finish.


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Is this the Botox® course for you?

Our advanced Botox® course is designed for those who have completed and are confident with basic Botox techniques and are looking to build your skill set to include more advanced treatments. We would strongly recommend that all practitioners seeking to attend this course have personally carried out at least 25 procedures prior to attending the advanced course.

This advanced Botox® course was developed with medical professionals in mind. We welcome all professionals represented by a professional regulatory body. This includes Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Midwives, and Dental Therapists.

Who will be teaching the course?

The advanced Botox® course will be delivered under the expert guidance of Dr Mahmoud Aziz. He has many years of experience in both aesthetic medicine and is co-director of Azthetics clinic, producing excellent results for a large client base in the South West of England. His background in clinical medicine developed working for many years in the NHS means that huge emphasis is always placed on patient safety, and his techniques will have treating your clients in complete confidence.

Advanced Botox® Course Information

1 Day
Advanced Injectables
Small Group Size
13 CPD Points

An in-depth look at facial aesthetics allowing you to go home confident you can get great results for your clients. This is a very thorough Botox® course, giving you not only the practical skills to give accurate injections, but also the key skills required to conduct a professional consultation from start to finish.


(inc VAT)

Advanced Botox® Course Theory

  • Facial analysis allowing the understanding of patients in whom Botox® treatment would be indicated – with particular reference to Botox® treatment for the middle and lower face
  • Understanding of dose, dose variations and injection sites – adaptable to the individual patient
  • To gain a clear and in depth knowledge of facial anatomy to include the vectors of facial muscles in the middle and lower face
  • To understand explain and be able to manage common side effects
  • You will conduct facial mapping to observe one’s complexion and effectively carry out anti-wrinkle treatment accordingly
  • To understand the follow up process, common post treatment requirements/concerns and common follow up injection requirements
  • You will critically understand the dosage criteria for each area of the facial complexion

Advanced Botox® Course Practical

  • To develop confidence with skills of consultation prior to injection
  • To undertake supervised middle and lower facial assessment and treatment with Botox® and leave with the confidence to incorporate this into your daily practice
  • To be comfortable injecting in our areas of teaching – Please see the list of procedures covered outlined below
  • To be comfortable with the differences between male and female patients in terms of anatomy, aesthetic beauty and dose – to include the ability to tailor dosages and injection techniques to the individual client.
  • To learn the Azthetics injection technique – designed to reduce potential side effects and give excellent clinical results

Advanced Botox® Procedures

  1. Bunny Lines – These are winkles that form on the bridge of the nose, and its immeadiate surrounding area. We will show you have to effectively relax these fine lines.
  2. Gummy Smile – If there is an excessive amount of gingivae (gums) showing when we smile it can be unappealing for some patients. Gummy smile botox can be utilised to relax the elevating muscles and leave your patients with an aesthetically pleasing grin they won’t be shy to flaunt.
  3. Smokers Lines – Botox can be utilised to make significant improvements to vertical fine lines which can often form above the mouth as part of the normal aging process.
  4. Down Turned Mouths – A down turned mate can make a happy client look miserable. At Azthetics we will teach you how to turn that frown upside down.
  5. Dimpled/’Pebbled’ Chins – This training will allow you to reduce the look of a bumpy or uneven chin.
  6. Nerfertiti Lift and Plastysmal Bands – Loss of elasticity in the neck can lead to skin sagging. These procedures will allow you to redefine the elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a more youthful glow.
  7. Excessive sweating – Excessive sweating is a very common presentation and Botox could well be the answer for your patients.

Which products will be used?

At Azthetics we are proud to use Azzalure as our chosen brand for wrinkle relaxing treatments. This has been the case for many years and it has a tried and tested record of producing exceptional results for all of our patients. Botox® and Azzalure are the most popular brands for wrinkle relaxing and both are compounds of botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum.

As injectable treatments for wrinkles and frown lines, Botox® and Azzalure work similarly: they both contain very small doses of botulinum toxin, which inhibits the stimulation of nerves, with the effect of relaxing the muscles that cause facial wrinkles. Azzalure spreads a bit further from the initial injection point. This is an advantage when it comes to our injection sites, as fewer injections are required in large areas, thus the risk of side effects and treatment discomfort is reduced. 

How long is the advanced Botox® course?

Below you will find the typical schedule for an Azthetics Academy course. It is important to note that this may vary slightly from course to course. Please be assured that after booking you will be sent out a detailed itinerary for the day in advance.

Approximate timings

  • 9:30 – Course registration and orientation
  • 10:00 – Course start and introduction
  • 10:30 – Detailed course-related theory with time allowed for questions
  • 12:30 – Lunch
  • 13:15 – Practical
  • 18:00 – Certification and closing questions

Will I receive a certificate?

At the end of the advanced Botox® course your performance throughout the day will be assessed by your course convener. If a delegate is successful in passing the course they will be issued with certification (that is insurer approved) stating that they have successfully passed the course. If unsuccessful the delegate will be asked to attend further training in order to achieve the required competence.

At Azthetics our courses are designed in such a way that the delegates are given all the tools necessary to complete the course and as such our delegates have an outstanding success rate in course completion.

Will I earn CPD points for completing the course?

We are a fully CPD accredited academy. As such you will receive CPD points for completing the course with us. For the completion of the advanced Botox® course you will receive 4 hours practical and 4 hours of theory accreditation.

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