Lip Filler & Cheek Training Course

18th September 2022


4 Spaces

Our lip filler training course will not only teach you techniques to control both the shape and volume of the lip, but we will teach you how to effectively manage complications of lip augmentation should they arise.

Lip fillers, also known as lip augmentation, is a popular treatment that addresses many lip concerns. The lips are arguably the most complex of facial structures. They have an intricate neuro-vascular supply, mucosa, and underlying musculature that allows them to be the most dynamic structure, a skill essential for articulation, but makes our job as aesthetic practitioners all the more difficult. Lip fillers can be a complex procedure for even the most experienced of practitioners due to the individual nature of each patient’s lip structure. Hence, our lip filler courses pay particular attention to utilizing injections skills that are reproducible in any size and shape of lips leaving you confident in your skills to give each and every client the lips of their dreams.

As always with Azthetics academy courses there will be a big emphasis placed on facial analysis and individualized treatment planning. This is more important than ever with a treatment like lips. We have all seen the negativity and stigma in the media surrounding the appearance of overfilled lips. If you take the same methodical approach to analysis and treatment planning with each client, that we will go through with you on the day, you will avoid overfilling and produce the natural plump your patients are craving.

4 Spaces


Available Dates

September 18, 2022£945.00

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August 21, 2022£945.00

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June 26, 2022£945.00

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June 19, 2022£945.00

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May 31, 2022£945.00

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Course Information

1 Day
In-depth Injectables
Small Group Size
CPD Points

Lips are the most popular injectable treatment currently at Azthetics clinic. If you can add beautiful lips to your treatment portfolio you going to be left with happy patients and a healthy bottom line which is what we all strive for!


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Is this lip filler training course for you?

The lips are an incredibly important treatment area in order to establish overall facial rejuvenation. This lip filler training course will be a perfect introduction to treating the peri-oral area. This will have particular relevance when developing treatment plans for patients whom require overall anti-ageing.

Lips are the most popular injectable treatment currently at Azthetics clinic. After training with us, you can add lip augmentation to your treatment portfolio, and create beautiful and healthy lips for your patients!

This lip filler training course was developed with medical professionals in mind. We welcome all professionals represented by a professional regulatory body. This includes Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Midwives, and Dental Therapists.

Who will be teaching the course?

The lip filler training course will be delivered under the expert guidance of Dr Mahmoud Aziz. He has many years of experience in both aesthetic medicine and is co-director of Azthetics clinic, producing excellent results for a large client base in the South West of England. His background in clinical medicine developed working for many years in the NHS means that huge emphasis is always placed on patient safety, and his techniques will have treating your patients in complete confidence.

Lip Filler Training Course Information

1 Day
In-depth Injectables
Small Group Size
CPD Points

Our lip filler training course will not only teach you techniques to control both the shape and volume of the lip, but we will teach you how to effectively manage complications of lip augmentation should they arise.


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Lip Filler Course Theory

  • Structural anatomy and physiology of the lips – with reference to key surrounding structures including arterial and venous vasculature
  • To understand how this anatomical knowledge can be applied to practice to improve patient safety and reduce the rate of complications
  • To undertake a structured facial review and learn to combine this with a client’s wishes to develop a bespoke treatment plan
  • To understand the anatomy and physiology of the aging lips and face – to include muscle, bone and underlying tissue changes. Then to establish how this process can be positively affected using dermal fillers.
  • Understand the full range of potential side effects from common and mild to rare and severe.
  • Understand how to effectively manage complications of lip and cheek procedures should they arise – to include, vascular occlusion, allergy/anaphylaxis, and treatment reversal

Lips Filler Course Practical

  • To develop confidence with skills of consultation prior to injection
  • To undertake supervised facial assessment with particular reference to the lips and learn how they should be integrated with the rest of the face to produce subtle clinical results
  • To be comfortable with a variety of injection techniques – This may include the use of both needle and cannula techniques depending on the client
  • Be confident delivering aftercare advice and instruction for your patients

Which products will be used?

Here at the Azthetics Academy, we use the brand Teosyal by the company Teoxane for our dermal filler treatments. Teosyal is a safe, effective, and long-lasting, hyaluronic acid-based product, which is animal-free. Using Teosyal we are able to see results straight away due to its fantastic hydration and elasticity properties. The treatment can also be less painful for the client as less force is required when injecting, thanks to its 25G needle.

How long is the lip filler course?

Below you will find the typical schedule for an Azthetics Academy course. It is important to note that this may vary slightly from course to course. Please be assured that after booking you will be sent out a detailed itinerary for the day in advance.

Approximate timings

  • 9:30 – Course registration and orientation
  • 10:00 – Course start and introduction
  • 10:30 – Detailed course related theory with time allowed for questions
  • 12:30 – Lunch
  • 13:15 – Practical
  • 18:00 – Certification and closing questions

Will I receive a certificate?

At the end of the course your performance throughout the day will be assessed by your course convener. If a delegate is successful in passing the course they will be issued with certification (that is insurer approved) stating that they have successfully passed the course. If unsuccessful the delegate will be asked to attend further training in order to achieve the required competence.

At Azthetics our courses are designed in such a way that the delegates are given all the tools necessary to complete the course and as such our delegates have an outstanding success rate in course completion.

Will I earn CPD points for completing the course?

We are a fully CPD accredited academy. As such you will receive CPD points for completing the course with us. For the completion of the lips and cheek dermal filler course you will receive 4 hours practical and 4 hours of theory accreditation.

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