Lip Filler & Cheek Training Course

12th July 2022


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Our lip filler and cheek augmentation training course will teach you techniques to control both the shape and volume of the lips and cheeks. Providing a result for your patients that is both natural and effective.

Lip Fillers, also known as the Lip Augmentation, are a popular treatment that address many lip concerns. The lips are arguably the most complex of facial structures. They have an intricate neuro-vascular supply, mucosa, and underlying musculature that allows them to be the most dynamic structure – a skill essential for articulation. This makes our job as aesthetic practitioners all the more difficult, lip fillers can be a complex procedure for even the most experienced of practitioners due to the individual nature of each patient’s lip structure. Hence, our lip filler courses pay particular attention to utilising injections skills that are reproducible in any size and shape of lips leaving you confident in your skills to give each and every client the lips of their dreams.

With Cheek fillers there are a variety of presentations that could warrant treatment such as volume loss, deep nasolabial folds or lack of definition. In this course we will also teach you how to approach various presentations. We will also ensure that you leave feeling able to provide a bespoke treatment plan for your patients to ensure effective results.

As always with Azthetics academy courses there will be a big emphasis placed on facial analysis and individualized treatment planning, leaving you equipped with skills to tackle a vast range of clients and needs.

Sold Out



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