You may have noticed that in your local area a number of dental practices are offering dermal fillers and botulinum toxin treatments, which are listed as a standard procedure alongside any regular dental treatments provided. Clearly, there are reasons behind like increasing your profits, clients reach and more importantly, expanding your business. Azthetics Clinic provides fully certified aesthetics training, but first, read more about offering botulinum toxin in dental practice, and why this is the right choice for the future of your dental practice.


One Step Away

Our foundation Botox and fillers course, where you will not only gain the practical skills required to give accurate injections, but also the key skills that are required to conduct a professional consultation from start to finish.

Moreover, dentists have an exceptional in-depth understanding of many skills required for becoming a cosmetic injector. You already have a keen eye for detail, a complete knowledge on anatomy of the face, its muscles and bone structure, but also ability to work on complex tasks without allowing any errors.

Cosmetic Treatments that will Complement Your Dentistry Work

Dermal fillers and botulinum toxin are commonly used for beauty enhancements, but in addition, they can be implemented to your dentistry practice – to enhance clients smile related to oral health and appearance. Patient can have injected Botox to lower the top lip, which will help to minimise a gummy smile, or by injecting into a patient masseter muscle, which helps with wideset jaws and symptoms like bruxism.

For those patients with weaker jawlines and chin structure, dermal filler can help to enhance the lower face and balance out the appearance of a class 2 malocclusion which in many cases make people feel insecure about their look, and you can help them avoid surgery, that can carry potential risk which is significantly higher than cosmetic injectables.

You Are Already Established Clinic

Your dental practice is already fully suitable from a clinical point of view and equipped to provide your clients injectable enhancements. You are working in a well-lit environment for maximum of accuracy and safety, which is utmost the most important in your practice.

Proving additional aesthetic treatments will be fantastic marketing opportunity to your business. As you already have a trusted list of local clients, this will be a great chance to offer them a new range of injectables to any of your established clients that looking to enhance their appearance, perhaps even adding these to their regular half-year check-ups. Additionally, this will be a great opportunity to widen your Social Media reach, promoting not only oral health but also aesthetics enhancements.

To get you started, you will experience insignificant overhead costs; that requiring investment in only a few key products and equipment, which will not take up too much space and can be stored away until the next client. As a medical professional you have automatic prescribing rights, which means that you will be able to practice independently from the very start of providing injectables treatments to your clients.

Dentist treatment room

We train dentists

At Azthetics Academy we have already trained a number of dentists, that decided to begin their journey into this exciting career! These additional accreditations will expand your business, and bring new dynamic to the regular dental treatments that you offer.

More information on our Foundation Botox® & Fillers Course you can find on our Aesthetics Courses page, alongside all of the other courses that we provide. Additionally, you can see a full list of injectables on our Azthetics Clinic page.

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One of the most rewarding parts of the injectables treatments given to your patients is to see their first reaction in the mirror; this will make you want to see that reaction again, and with each person who walks through your dental practice.

Azthetics Academy provide the models for all of the training courses, meaning that you are able to exclusively focus on your learning and practising delivering techniques that will ensure in perfect results and satisfaction with each and every client. Additionally, you will be able to have a review with your model one or two weeks after completing your dermal fillers training.



All of our aesthetic courses are designed to ensure that delegates are given all the tools necessary to complete the training and leave knowing the procedure inside out. The next date for our Foundation Botox® & Fillers Course is on the 12th March 2021. You can book online, or if you have any queries contact us or give us a call on 0117 452 2367.

Dr Aziz, your trainer, will give you ongoing support from the start to finish of the course. On Our Team page, you can find out more about our Doctors. 

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